The benefits of using Argan oil

Argan oil, also known by some people as the go to facial in a bottle, needs the recognition it deserves. So here it is. 

The benefits from using it daily is endless. Sometimes daily skincare routines can include way too many products, simply to try and tackle all the issues that Argan oil solves alone. What used to be your self-care routine that you would enjoy, turned into a chore that took too much of your time.

 Our 100%, organic Argan oil is sourced from Morocco. It is a plant oil produced from kernels of the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco – and you will want to thank that tree for producing such an amazing oil and allowing your skin to experience it’s benefits.

So here it goes, the amazing benefits our 100% organic Argan oil blesses lives with.


It has anti-aging effects

Argan trees usually have a lifespan of from 15 to 200 years, which could explain why it does such wonders in sharing the secrets of living a long youthful life. If you suffer with bad fine lines and couldn’t find a product that could reduce this as much as you wanted to, argan oil is your solution. Stick with it for a month, and you will see the difference. The oil helps to keep the skin tight, keeping your skin firm and youthful, reducing the appearance of these fine lines. This is from the high percentage of vitamin E and essential fatty acids it contains, leaving your skin feeling much tighter and youthful thanks to this.


It treats acne – I know, amazing right?

A lot of people can relate to having have a long and tiring relationship with acne. It’s not just the acne alone. It’s the lack of confidence it can plaster you with, and the self-conscious feeling in the pit of your stomach you get when you go out with a bare face.

Chemical creams in the past have been pretty popular to treating acne, and they work, but only for a short period of time. But it’s the consistency and long term affects you want, and that’s why using organic Argan oil is much better for your skin.


Say hello to a new level of moisture

Many find it very hard to find the perfect moisturiser. Everyone’s skin type is different, which is the reason why there is more a ‘one fits all’ target for moisturisers.

But the fact is, sometimes they can be too light on your skin and not have much of an impact, sometimes they can be too thick and you can’t stand the feeling of it plastered on your face, no matter how little you put on. Our Argan oil is 100% organic and pure, so you only need 2 drops, and it absorbs quickly without leaving that oily texture that other moisturisers do. If you check the back of your hair conditioners and lotions, you will most likely find that it contains Argan oil. This is because of the moisturising effect it has. Our organic Argan oil can help improve water retention in the skin – thanks to the amount of vitamin E in it. Using it will give you that balance you need to hydrate and moisturise your skin to the right amount that it needs to be.


It also treats other skin conditions

Argan oil is the anti-inflammatory go to product for your skin. The antioxidant solution helps people with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, scars and rosacea. Our 100% organic Argan oil also helps you feel comfortable treating these. When it comes to using skin products, you like to be wary of what’s in them right? Because you don’t want to worsen the condition or have a bad reaction to any hidden chemicals in the products, and this is why it’s best to use organic skin care. It will respond to your skin the best, and you will feel much more comfortable and confident in using these products.


It protects from sun damage

It’s important to protect our skin from the UV rays of the sun. Argan oil is enriched with vitamin E and acts as a protective blanket over your skin, which protects those UV rays from harming your skin. When you’re out in the sun, you hydrate your body with water right? So why wouldn’t you take time to hydrate your skin? It’s equally as important and will stop your skin from damaging. Don’t let the excitement of going out in the sun all day and having fun let your daily skin care routine slip. Take care of your skin and then have even more fun without having those inner doubts and fear of damaging your skin.


Say goodbye to your oily skin

If you’re one of those people who have oily skin, unfortunately, that’s just how it is. Some have naturally oily skin. But you’re always wanting to get rid of that oily texture right? You might have thought that putting additional oil on to your skin would make it worse. Why would you put an oil onto your already oily skin? It makes sense, but it isn’t the case at all. Argan oil has sebum reducing abilities, which means it decreases the oiliness texture of your skin.

Skincare journeys can be a long and sometimes stressful one, and sometimes you might fall into the trap of buying every single product out there to treat different problems. But Argan oil is a prime example that you don’t need to at all. It is the perfect oil to include in your daily skincare morning and evening routine, it doesn’t break your bank account, and it makes those self-care moments so much more enjoyable.